“Serbia will not implement the Ohrid agreement,” Kurti: I would write the association’s statute, but the EU would not approve it

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Albin Kurti volunteered in Ohrid to create the statute for the association of towns in Kosovo with a Serbian majority, but the European Union refused to approve it.

The prime minister confirmed this, adding that the mediators of the Prishtina-Belgrade dialougue requested that the document be created by the management team designated by earlier agreements.

“I expressed my willingness to do this, but he told me that the management team should do it only once. That management team’s status and work are not well known, but this has been the attitude of mediation. As Prime Minister of Kosovo, I am responsible for constitutionality, legality, and ensuring that everything is in line with our goals and ideals,” Kurti explained.

Kurti emphasized that the Government of Kosovo does not have a representative on the management team developing the Association’s statute. He even claimed that this team has never replied to requests for a meeting from Kosovo institutions. He then focused on the agreement on normalization of ties and the Ohrid annex, lamenting Serbia’s unwillingness to implement both.

“They must be fully implemented as soon as possible, so that the text is clear and must be implemented.” “It’s unfortunate that the other side has said it will only do partial implementation, which is another way of saying it won’t do implementation,” he continued.

Among other things, the prime minister indicated that he will meet with mediator Miroslav Lajcak soon, while awaiting the agenda for the high-level conference in Brussels, where he will encounter Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic.

He also accused Belgrade of putting intense pressure on Kosovo Serbs not to vote in the April 23 elections.