Why are capable people unemployed? Experts: The easy method to make money and live in luxury causes them to avoid obstacles

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The concerns of our country’s labor market were discussed in the A2 Business studio by employment specialist Dritan Mezini and economists Flobenc Dilaveri and Daniel Guçe.

Mezini highlighted various reasons why some qualified people are inactive, including a lack of a specific employment, foreign income, or the ability to leave the nation. According to him, young people must comprehend market demands and adapt to the work market.

“I believe they are looking for a specific job that they have not yet found and are in a passive state, or they have people outside of the country who support their unemployment here with sufficient income, or they see some opportunity to leave the country or are considering retraining, such as a training course to be retrained, in order to have the opportunity to find the job that suits them.” However, even though the connection with free employment openings and abilities is an element of career advice, they should be aware of the more qualified. They must seek more counsel and solutions. The ability to adjust to options is more important than a credential. Understand the market’s demands and where it stands.”

Expert Dilaveri sees this as a global trend that began with the pandemic. According to him, the easy manner of acquiring and luxury causes individuals to avoid obstacles in favor of waiting for something large and not being able to get it.

“It is a phenomenon that we are witnessing following the pandemic, and it is a global trend.” The models that have been built here, the quick manner of gaining in certain persons, the comfortable life and luxury, cause people to not seek difficulties but to accept waiting for something large, not being able and not looking for a job.

Dilaveri outlined the industries with the largest labor shortages, emphasizing the importance of services.

“The sectors with the greatest labor shortage are all fields, but services suffer the most.” The difficulties are worse in the districts if we avoid Tirana. Hotels, bars, and restaurants. Services are more noticeable in everyday life.”

According to expert Guçe, what universities have done wrong is educate pupils who are not ready for the public and private sectors. And, according to him, the curricular approach has aided in this.

Experts agree that wage increases in the private sector are done on an individual basis based on productivity, as requested by Prime Minister Rama.

“If there are talented people who add value, the enterprise can reward them with pay raises.” Finally, there is production. Everyone should strive for a raise; it is not up to the business to provide a formal and artificial rise,” Mezini stated.