I would like to have all Albanian workers, but it is impossible

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Fatos Cerenishti, a tourism entrepreneur, discussed why this service sector cannot employ all Albanians in a live conversation with the “A2 Business” studio with Aurora Sulça on A2 CNN.

“When it comes to the hotel business, workers are the most delicate point.” I would like that all of my employees be Albanians, but this is impractical because this industry requires highly qualified workers. I investigated not just the Turkish but also the Filipino and Indian markets. Because it is a seasonal company, we give in across the board. We plan, train, and say goodbye to the workers in September. “If you do not provide employment throughout the year, the employee has the right to leave,” Cerenishti argues.

“Albania is not yet a tourist destination, but it is favored for its competitive prices,” the entrepreneur said of the expense of importing work force. We may lose tourists if we boost our prices. However, organized tourism has only been around for around 7-8 years. There is an import expense, but we cannot raise costs without improving standards.”