Alibeaj discusses the future of the Democratic Party and his relationship with Lulzim Basha

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Enkelejd Alibeaj discussed his present relationship with former Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha in an interview with Merita Haklaj on A2 CNN.

“Lulzim Basha is a Democratic Party member. His absence from the PD campaign kickoff is meaningless. Each member of parliament makes his or her own decision. There will be no disrespect for other people’s opinions in the PD. It would be beneficial for him to campaign in his own district, and I believe he would back candidate Roland Bejko,” Alibeaj added.

Alibeaj discusses what will happen with the Democratic Party’s leadership.

Enkelejd Alibeaj discussed the Democratic Party’s leadership after the May 14 elections in the same interview with Merita Haklaj on A2 CNN.

“There will be a process of horizontal and vertical reorganization and elections, re-conceptualization and renewal of the Democratic Party.” What I’m saying today is that we will not be afraid of a challenge. Even when no one else can manage the issues, I am willing to step in. My primary goal is to sustain and revitalize the Democratic Party. “It makes no difference what happens with the processes within the PD,” Alibeaj stated.

Bejko is the only contender with a written and publicized program in the election for Tirana, Alibeaj.

In the same interview with Merita Haklaj on A2 CNN, Enkelejd Alibeaj, the appointed leader of the Democratic Party, stressed that Roland Bejko is the only candidate for Mayor of Tirana who has a published agenda for the capital city.

“The only person who has written and published a Tirana program is Roland Bejko.” What is more crucial is public trustworthiness. No matter how lovely a program Erion Veliaj creates, the inhabitants of Tirana must understand that it is merely Edi Rama’s whim. What happened in Tirana is Edi Rama’s job, and this is merely an extension with no value for Edi Rama, an executor of Edi Rama’s objectives. “The same can be said for Belind Klliçi, who is nothing more than an extension of Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha,” Alibeaj remarked.

Bejko’s major pillar for Tirana, according to Alibeaj, is “liberalization and liberation of the economy.”

But what will happen in municipalities where Alibeaj’s PD has no candidate for mayor?

The appointed leader of the PD emphasized that the political line that will be followed by the blue headquarters is this: Democrats and the gray electorate will be invited to support the PD candidates for the municipal council.

So in municipalities like Elbasan, Shkodra or Durrës and others, the formal PD will not call for support for the opposition coalition candidate “Together We Win”, of Berisha and Meta.

“Why won’t we say from our side to vote for a former democrat like Luciano Boçi, or Këlliçi and Cara and many others? Because they have taken refuge in a left-wing party like the Freedom Party.”

Alibeaj emphasized that none of the “Together We Win” candidates are democrats, but described them as representatives of Ilir Meta.

Asked specifically about Bardh Spahia’s candidacy in Shkodra, a historic stronghold of the right, Alibeaj repeated that the position will be the same.

“I think I was clear in what I said. It’s not our race. We have it very clear. The political stance of the PD in the upcoming elections, where we only have municipal councilors, will be the vote for the PD municipal councilors list, with number 9,” he said.

Enkelejd Alibeaj pointed out that for these candidates to come out of the Primaries, the hand had been extended until the beginning of March. But, as he added, they showed that they did not need to run under the PD label, forming a coalition with a left-wing party like the Freedom Party.