Berat in the eyes of Kadri Kuka, a journalist who spent 30 years writing about the city he wished for

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Kadri Kuka worked as a writer, journalist, and local columnist in Berat for at least 30 years. The fall of communism and the establishment of democracy reawakened in him the desire that all young people have to transform the city.

Kadri was a change agent who imagined Berat as one of the most developed cities: “I saw with one eye how Berat could become better and more beautiful.” I feel a little more fulfilled since things have changed and the city has gotten more attractive, but there are other issues, such as employment and the economy, that continue to be a challenge.”

He recalls how Berat’s economy was sustained by professional occupations, as tourism was still a developing industry.

The University of Berat, a private university with state tuition fees, was originally housed in this structure. Higher education had a short lifespan in the city of windows, and the city had lost its youth.

The now-retired journalist expects that in the coming decade, the city will regain its lost brilliance in many aspects of Berat people’ lives.