“1 million tourists in Berat in the next five years,” Demo: Public safety  and services, a challenge

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A suitable metropolis for the surge of tourists during the next ten years. This is the goal of Ervin Demo, the Socialist candidate for Berat municipality, who claims that the city’s tourist numbers have improved during his reign. In the Debate studio on A2 CNN, he discussed the city’s investments, accomplishments, and problems, claiming that Berat will be the young people’s alternative for building their life.

“We have a distinct vision for the city.” Berat will require a suitable metropolis to accommodate the surge of tourists during the next ten years. The Bilc Bridge is a new bridge across the Osum River supported by EU grants, and new squares must be built. In the next five years, the number of tourists will exceed one million. The formation of administrative units. We can discuss Roshnik and Sinj. Our goal is to keep guests in Berat as long as possible. In this aureole, Qaf Dardha will be a valuable stone. Berat should be the first place young people look to construct their life.”

The biggest problem for Demo is public safety and tourist services, while lodgings are expanding.

“Today, we have the opportunity to establish cores that are concentrated in each administrative unit in order to be as close to the citizen as possible. We need to reconsider how we manage the city’s tourist attractions. One of the major issues is public safety and other tourist-related services, which must be reviewed. Over 65% of second-tier bank loans are used for the tourism industry. More than 30 hotels are currently under construction, with dozens more to follow.”

Demo made no comments about his opponent in the race, Zija Ismaili, but stressed that he talks with citizens and has accomplished a lot in four years.

“I have no comment; I don’t want to deal with the candidate. We communicate with the citizens about our responsibilities, and we must demonstrate what we have accomplished in four years and that we have a vision and a willingness to do things in the city.”

Investments, road infrastructure, debt eradication, and drinking water supply are the highlights of his four-year term, with which he hopes to re-elect Berat citizens.