Patozi: It’s not the end of the world if the opposition is divided in elections. Rama is terrified

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Prime Minister Edi Rama will officially open the campaign tomorrow afternoon in Tirana, with 61 candidates and district political leaders for the May 14th local elections. The organization will be tight and not huge, as the Socialists’ campaign is projected to be. Berisha and Meta are set to launch the campaign with all candidates in Tirana on Saturday, despite the fact that they have been presenting candidates across the nation for weeks.

The opposition, unlike the majority, does not campaign together in these elections. On the ballot, the coalition “Together We Win,” the “Progressive Alliance,” and Enkelejd Alibeaj’s Democratic Party appear individually, with compromises for specific names in some localities.

Astrit Patozi, previous leader of the Democratic Conviction, was invited to the debate by Alba Alishani on A2 CNN to talk on this matter. He added that the opposition entering the polls divided is not the end of the world. Patozi goes on to explain that he expects this plurality will also exist in the ranks of the majority.

Patozi also reacted on Rama’s pay rise promises, claiming that they demonstrate the Prime Minister’s fear. “Intervening with extravagant pre-election promises harms the electoral climate.” The fact that Rama is doing this indicates that the majority is not as at ease as it claims. “They’re not so sure about victory in some municipalities,” Patozi remarked.