“I don’t have any issues with Kurti,” Gervalla: A naive attempt to divide us

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This is how Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Donika Gervalla, responded to allegations of issues with Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

The co-chair of the Guxo List, which campaigned alongside the Self-Determination Movement in the recent parliamentary elections, tells Kosova Press that she supports the main agreement struck with Serbia and the implementation annex.

Gervalla says that there are regular meetings amongst institutional heads where she is always present, emphasizing support for the plan chosen in this process.

“Attempts to portray us as having opposing viewpoints are naive. I am involved in all processes; attempts to portray us as having opposing viewpoints are naïve. The positions belong to the Republic of Kosovo; they do not belong to the prime minister, the parliament speaker, or the minister. I have no objections; in fact, I have supported the prime minister’s chosen strategy.”

Ariana Musliu-Shoshi of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, on the other hand, claims that Prime Minister Albin Kurti is continually disregarding Minister Gervalla.

She expressed worries that serious divisions exist among coalition government partners, particularly over the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

“Kurti has realized that Ms. Gervalla has no concept of foreign policy.” Mr. Kurti has clearly recognized that Ms. Gervalla has no understanding of foreign policy. We have seen that she is not even a member of the discussion delegation and has no knowledge of the president’s or prime minister’s decisions. She is not present at any official meeting between the president and the prime minister. This image conveys the impression that she is not involved in the formulation of foreign policy.”

Gervalla and the Guxo List MPs who are part of the Vetevendosje parliamentary group have been increasingly reticent since the main agreement with Serbia and its implementation annex was achieved, refusing to comment. This has prompted conjecture about schisms inside the federal cabinet.

Vjosa Osmani created the Guxo List after resigning from the party leadership after being elected president.