Berisha’s assaults on the United States, Patozi: An excuse for the defeat, to say ue had everyone against

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Astrit Patozi regards Gabriel Escobar’s plan on the day of the election, which does not include a meeting with the leaders of the “Together We Win” coalition, as an unwelcome blow to Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta.

Berisha’s attacks on the US ambassador, according to the former Democratic deputy, are a ploy to prepare an excuse for electoral defeat, while asking the Democratic Party’s two factions to announce a ceasefire.

“The agenda of Escobar’s meetings is a blow to Foltorja and Ilir Meta, but in the end they have taken this into consideration, I am not to blame, but they have no other choice.” What I don’t understand is why they bite the hand that feeds them when they could leave it alone. But there is a reason behind this. Foltorja targets America rather than the Americans, as we would anticipate. This is a ploy to conceal the outcome of the May 15 election, which they believe will be negative.

“They’re putting together an alibi to say we were fighting the 7th Fleet, McGonigal, Alibashi, and Rama.” If the opposition does not win, I believe it must get a significant outcome. “The only way to save it is to stop wasting energy on infighting,” Patozi explained.