Berisha: Rama is breaching every premise of free elections in the local elections race

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Sali Berisha’s election campaign on May 14th appears to include some online communication with citizens. When citizens questioned Berisha about right-wing candidates who are not running under the PD banner, such as Lajla Prnaska, he dubbed them pawns of the ruling party.

“Every candidate except Belind Klliçi is an Edi Rama candidate.” “He is running to help Edi Rama’s candidate, which is the biggest lie; they are pawns of Erion Veliaj,” Berisha stated.

Berisha accused Prime Minister Rama of breaching every article of the electoral code throughout this campaign, and leveled additional charges against the central election commission, which Berisha claims is favoring Rama.

“Rama is breaking every rule and principle of free and fair elections in this campaign.” In the end, he will be the sole payer of the bill. “Rama is spending millions of euros to buy votes, distribute bonuses, and obtain a certificate from his KQZ stating that local votes are not counted,” the former Prime Minister stated.

Berisha pledged that if the PD is elected, they will return to rural investing, branding the Urban Renaissance project as corrupt.

“Of all projects, the Urban Renaissance is the most terrifying for theft.” There is no doubt that a rural Albania is a necessary condition for Albania to become a developed country. “We are returning to rural development as a condition for Albania’s development,” he continued.

Berisha concluded this letter by urging Albanian emigrants to vote for “Together We Win” coalition candidates in municipal elections.