Bejko or Klliçi? Who has Patozi’s support? Opposition candidates have failed to be present

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Astrit Patozi, who is running as part of an opposition alliance but without candidates for mayor, indicated that the “Progressive Alliance” will not back any of the DP names in Tirana or other cities, leaving it up to voters to choose who they feel most strongly about.

According to the former Alliance leader, the “Progressive Alliance” will focus on local councils in these elections, which will play a new role.

“I don’t think it would be appropriate.” We are the candidates, and no one can tell us who is the greatest; people decide. Let us leave it to the voters’ discretion in this case; an opposed vote suffices. Our focus will be on local councils, which are expected to play a decisive role this year, unlike in prior years. This is our responsibility in the capital and other cities with two candidates,” Patozi explained.

Patozi stated that both key candidates, Roland Bejko and Belind Klliçi, have yet to offer programs in the capital, where the Democrats have more than two candidates, but with different symbols.

“Kelliçi or Roland Bejko. I’m curious to see how they’ll present themselves. I haven’t seen much else save the promise of free public transportation. It has been demonized, and I believe it has not been adequately articulated. Unfortunately, the opposing candidates are not present. Instead, we have Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta, who are not in high demand. The same is true of the Socialist Party. We should expect to see young candidates. Who are these re-confirmed candidates? “I have no idea what they’ve done,” Patozi remarked.