The mystery surrounding Alibeaj’s candidates “covers” 16 names for mayors, with a list of only 54 council candidates.

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More than a week has passed since the deadline for registering candidates for the May 14 elections, and Enkelejd Alibeaj has yet to provide an official response on how many candidates have been deposited with the Central Election Commission (KQZ). The institution in charge of the process has also not made the data public, but A2 CNN has learned that there are 16 candidates for mayors, primarily in small municipalities.

Only 16 municipalities used the court ruling Alibeaj received for leading the Democratic Party to endorse candidates.

Although neither Alibeaj nor CEC have officially announced the list of municipalities, it is clear that, with the exception of Tirana and Fier, Alibeaj’s people are primarily running in what are known as small municipalities such as Kelcyre, Kamrz, Gjirokastrr, Dibrr, Sarandr, Fin.

The remaining logo, unable to be used in most of the country, was justified by the appointed leader as a battle within the party.

Despite receiving the logo, Alibeaj’s Democratic Party will be absent from the ballots in seven municipalities, including Kruje, Skrapar, Vore, Devoll, Pustec, and Roskovec.

Thaçi has been declared innocent in The Hague, Rama: Their trial is nonsense

Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted to former Hashim Thaçi’s statements in the Special Court in The Hague, describing the trial of four former KLA leaders in The Hague as a nonsensical mess.

“Yes, of course! But such a slanderous mess makes no sense when those who led a suppressed people’s liberation war are accused of war crimes by an organ created on the basis of fantasies mixed with organ trafficking!