Rama and Berisha with “podcasts”, experts: “Campaign personalization, avoiding content control”

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Edi Rama and Sali Berisha have revealed their “podcasts,” a new communication format to reach out to their electorate during the campaign, avoiding the intermediary filter of traditional media. The former Prime Minister will tell his personal story and experiences in the first person, while the current left government leader will also play the role of the person being interviewed.

This platform was viewed skeptically by Socialist MP Pandeli Majko in the Law Commission, who raised concerns about whether the AMA controls the content of the podcasts.

Communication experts Aleksander Cipa and Erlis Cela have opposing views on the new communication strategy adopted by the country’s two main political actors.

“It is a free tool for developing the electoral battle,” Cipa says.

“It is a move that is detrimental to transparency and public information. A country’s Prime Minister cannot become a journalist”, Cela emphasizes.

Cipa and Cela agree that Rama benefits more from the podcast, but they explain why the prime minister chose this format over traditional media.

“During the campaign, he can use this method to spread his propaganda. The second element is to avoid and shift the discussion away from citizens’ concerns and toward the surface, image, and show “Cela stated.

“Rama secretly imitates other Western leaders, but without betraying himself,” says Cipa.

In terms of former Prime Minister Berisha’s approach to narrative communication, the two communication experts see different outcomes.

“I’m not sure why Mr. Berisha has become a part of this game, which is essentially attempting to enter the race with the opponent using the opponent’s tools,” Cela says.

“He manages to build sensitive communication with his fans by using his pathos and logos,” says Cipa.

On May 14, in addition to the results of the local elections, there will be a balance of the two podcasts, according to Cipa, who predicts that “Berisha will gain more fans, while Rama will have more content.”

Will the podcast be able to bring Rama and Berisha together in a confrontation, a dilemma that only the two politicians can answer? Rama has expressed his willingness to invite political opponents to his podcast, while Berisha is ready to face his political opponent.