Primary school teachers will be paid 95,550 lek, while high school teachers will be paid 106,800 lek.

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Starting in April 2024, a primary school teacher will earn 95,550 lek, and a high school teacher will earn 106,800 lek. The Prime Minister, Rama, announced that the process of increasing teachers’ salaries will be done in two steps.

First, there will be a 7% increase, and then, in the following year, teachers’ salaries will exceed another level.

We have created a two-step plan that will begin now and will be completed next year in order to achieve this increase. As you are aware, a 7% increase was planned for teachers and doctors, so we will make the 7% increase, and then in the next step, meaning next year, your salary will exceed another level. So, if we talk about the monthly increase, it will be between 3584 for 9-year school teachers and 3584 for doctors.