Këlliçi: Within the first month, the Municipal Police philosophy will change

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Belind Këlliçi promised to change the municipal police philosophy within the first month of his term. In the “Debate” studio on A2 CNN, he mentioned some extreme cases of municipal police violence against citizens and pledged for a police force that serves citizens rather than patronizes them.

“Within the first month, the philosophy changes. I strongly believe that institutions take on the face and image of the leader, and the police have taken on the physique of the mayor. The police aim to be of service to the community, not to fine the citizen and force them to swallow it. I have come across extreme cases where, even in the village, they have been fined 38 million lek for rebuilding a house worth 20 million old lek, while there is a 5 million lek fine in Skanderbeg Square.”

Belind Këlliçi, coalition “Together We Win”