“Come, we offer you a level playing field,” Balluku encourages foreign investors to invest in Albania.

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“Come and invest; we promise you a fair and secure competition,” Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Belinda Balluku said in response to a question about why foreigners should invest in Albania.

“One of the requests I received from investors was transparency, fair rules of the game and competition, and what is known as the fast lane, and we are fulfilling them,” Balluku said. “We are not just talking about tourism here, but also about the package that the Albanian government has offered since 2015.”

From the International Tourism Convention in Tirana, Balluku announced her ambition to transform the country into a “regional superpower in several sectors.”

“The Government of Albania has a vision to make Albania the most important country in the region for tourism, renewable energy, infrastructure connectivity, and critical sectors that contribute to our economy,” said the minister. “We will work with international partners to achieve these objectives.”

The three-day Tourism forum is attended by representatives from some of Europe’s largest banks, as well as investors, particularly in the tourism sector. They expressed a willingness to invest in Albania on the condition that Albanian institutions are supportive rather than penalizing, as is frequently the case with bureaucratic procedures.