Berisha: Rama will replace Albanians with Bangladeshis because, according to him, they do not vote

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Sali Berisha continued his accusations against Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding the country’s depopulation, stating during the presentation of the candidate for mayor of this municipality that the head of government is creating conditions for Albanians to leave the country every day and be replaced by Bangladeshis because they do not vote.

“Is Edi Rama creating conditions for the citizens of Has and Albanians to leave Albania and Has on a daily basis? Wasn’t this cretin the forefather of the Blockade, appearing on screen with iron bars in his hand as he went to citizens’ homes because they hadn’t paid their electric bills? Wasn’t he the one who arrested 38,000 people in a single year for civil issues involving electricity and water bills? Wasn’t he the one who bulldozed tens of thousands of buildings and businesses, forcing Albanians to flee? Wasn’t it he who doubled taxes and cut the number of businesses by half, driving people out of the country? Wasn’t he the one who raised taxes on free professions just last week in order to drive people out of Albania? “

Even raising the average acceptance grade for students in university, according to Berisha, is a genocidal act because it closes the doors of schools to young people.

“Isn’t he the one who raised the university acceptance average grade in order to prevent children from Has, Tropoja, Kukes, and the rest of rural Albania from enrolling in the country’s universities? ‘Sali, do you see those young people in the dinghies?’ said a Democrat who had been living in a tent for four years because his house had been destroyed by an earthquake in Bubq. They say they finish high school, and Edi Rama closes the doors of the university with an average threshold, and they are forced to go abroad and take on the dinghies.’ His analysis was clear: raising the average threshold for universities is a genocidal act; it is closing the doors of schools for young people. No one does it, and no wealthy country does it. Edi Rama does it because he wants to replace Albanians with Bangladeshis, who he claims do not vote, and he is afraid of your votes.”

He urged Hasi residents to vote for Miftar Dauti on May 14 in order to support pluralism and democracy.