Are Belind Klliçi and Marko Dajti, a communist, in an alliance for the municipal elections?

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Belind Klliçi, a candidate for the “Together we triumph” coalition, responded on A2 CNN, “I don’t have any alliance, fluid or otherwise, with anyone beyond the coalition. According to him, a table of parliamentary and non-parliamentary groups will be set up in the upcoming days, and Dajti won’t be attending.

“I am a member of the alliance that includes the PD, PL, PDK, and PBDNJ, and as you will see, Marko Dajti is not. It will result in a larger movement than just a table of parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties that will form the front against Veliaj. You ought to consult Mr. Noka or Marko Dajti. There has been an effort to thwart Arlind Qorri’s bid for the nomination as well. Even though I don’t agree with him on anything, I have responded favorably to the notion that every topic and candidate should be given the chance.”