Non-enforcement of electoral crimes punishments, Dervishi: Justice with double standards

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Journalist Lutfi Dervishi declared on A2 CNN’s “Interview” with Merita Haklaj that Albanian justice has double standards when it comes to punishing electoral crimes.

“Justice is swift and effective when there are irregularities at the lowest level of commissioners.” When high-ranking officials are involved, such as ministers, SPAK considers it a “hot potato” and refers it to the regional prosecutor’s office. Dibra’s case was reduced to a “chicken feather.” It is pointless if there is no punishment for the most serious wrongdoers. “It is double justice, and SPAK is a protected structure against electoral crimes,” Dervishi said.

Dervishi stated about the Activist app, “The damages of the Activist app are incalculable, in terms of the effort to manipulate algorithms and present a reality that does not exist. It’s the same thing here as it is with patronage. Reporting to SPAK is available, but prosecutors’ lack of courage in asking questions to determine how secure people’s data is will make the Activist’s work problematic, just as patronage did.”