Bonus for pensioners, Dervishi: It is clearly a use for electoral campaign

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In a “Interview” with Merita Haklaj on A2 CNN, journalist Lutfi Dervishi stated that the 5,000 lek bonus for pensioners and the promise of an average salary of 900 euros is “clearly a use for electoral campaign.”

“Parties should compete on equal footing, rather than one behind the government. In some ways, it is clearly intended for use in electoral campaigns. If the government is concerned about pensioners, allow them to receive this amount twice more after May. They give a reward to pensioners on the eve of elections, which is hypocritical. It is unquestionably unacceptable.”

“Competitions are held with ideas, projects, and platforms, not with 5,000 lek and flour sacks,” Dervishi added.