Average salary increase, Spahiu: It’s not the right time, because of the election campaign

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Herjola Spahiu, an economist invited to “A2BUSINESS” by Aurora Sulçe, stated that the current rate of increase for the minimum wage is very concerning, as it is much faster than in previous years.

According to Spahiu, now is not the time to make such a promise, and she stated that she could not deny, in the manner in which it was promoted, that it has nothing to do with the election campaign.

Should public administration salaries be increased, Ms. Spahiu, and should they go up to 900 euros as declared by the Prime Minister?

Everyone is very optimistic about the trend of rising wages, but what is concerning is the rate of growth this year, which is much faster than in the previous two years. And knowing how tight the state budget is to allow for this increase.

This is not the appropriate time to make this promise, in my opinion. It would have been more positive if the salary increase announcement had occurred at a different time, not so close to the date of the local elections.

Is this connected to the election campaign?

I can’t say it’s unrelated because of the way it was promoted.