SPAK investigation outside Albania for Arben Ahmetaj

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SPAK’s investigation into former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj has gone beyond Albanian borders. Official sources from the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPAK) confirmed that several letters were sent abroad as part of this investigation, which was registered as 277/1.

According to sources, through these letters, authorities in these countries have been asked to conduct investigations into the former Finance Minister’s possible involvement in corruption, money laundering, or asset concealment. SPAK has received responses to some of these letters and is processing the transmitted data, but others are still pending.

Meanwhile, the Special Prosecutors are deciding whether or not to question Ahmetaj, an action that does not require approval from the Republic’s Parliament. SPAK, on the other hand, believes it obtained valuable evidence for the investigation during inspections at Ahmetaj’s ex-wife’s apartment in Tirana and his partner’s in the Hamallaj area.

Due to suspicions of unjustified wealth, the Special Court decided to seize Ahmetaj’s partner’s villa in Hamallaj, as well as a villa in Palasa suspected to be owned by his ex-wife, at the request of SPAK.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj is being investigated by SPAK for “abuse of duty,” “corruption,” “money laundering,” and “asset concealment.”