Vucic: We have reached an agreement, but I have not signed anything


At the meeting in Ohrid, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the media that they had agreed on several subjects but that nothing had been signed, despite Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s request for the signing of the European plan.

According to him, the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority would be formed in accordance with the signed agreement and must be included in the implementation plan; however, he added that he does not know if this will be the case.

He expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and stated that the Association of Municipalities with a Serb Majority is vital to them.

“The Albanians will emphasize that I have not signed anything, and both parties have stated their red lines. We will give to the population of Serbia tomorrow each point of what we accomplished tonight and the commitments we have undertaken. As previously said, the Kosovo side will immediately begin the formation of the association “He went on to say that the Association was in the first plan in terms of timetables.

“There are some timelines, such as forming a joint committee that will report in 30 days, a deadline for displaced people, and a donor conference in five months. Kurti has requested that the agreement be signed, but I have stated that I would not do anything that violates the Serbian Constitution “, he stated.