Borell: We reached an agreement, Kurti and Vucic decided on a plan of action

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Kosovo and Serbia have agreed on an addendum to the European plan’s implementation, which will be obligatory on both parties upon publication.

In a media statement, the European Union’s High Representative, Josep Borrell, declared that the parties have promised to implement all laws and duties.

He emphasized Annex 7 of the implementation plan, stating that Kosovo has agreed to begin negotiations with the EU-facilitated dialogue to create sole management of the Serbian population in Kosovo as soon as possible.

According to him, the parties have agreed to prioritize the matter of missing persons.

“The annex is regarded accepted after it is published and offers instructions on how to implement, till when, by whom, and how,” he said.

Borrell noted that the EU will be an active overseer of the implementation plan, which is also dependent on Kosovo and Serbia’s European paths.