Vjosa declared National Park, Albanian Minister explains procedure, DiCaprio reacts on social media

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Leonardo DiCaprio congratulated all the actors who contributed to the Vjosa River’s designation as a national park.

“History was written today. The collaboration between the government of Albania, public society, and the private sector resulted in the establishment of the first National Park in a “wild river.” From its source to the sea, the Vjosa River will flow freely forever, for the enjoyment of future generations. This is a novel approach to the preservation of the world’s oceans. Congrats to everyone who contributed to the success of this incredible endeavor! “DiCaprio tweeted on his social media account.

The Vjosa River was officially designated a national park on Wednesday by a government decision that had been announced for some time. Mirela Kumbaro, Minister of Tourism and Environment, stated that the protected area currently encompasses more than 12,727 hectares, including all river and coastline areas, as well as other land areas.

In an interview on A2 CNN’s “Dita jone” show, Kumbaro explained how this decision was reached. “It is a lengthy procedure involving the involvement of numerous actors. Civil society as well as local and foreign experts have discussed Vjosa for years, considering it a natural laboratory where several species thrive. I would also add that the people who have lived beside the river are an integral component of this ecosystem “added Kumbaro.

Kumbaro noted that, with the national organization of protected areas and American partners, the delineation of zones where fishing will be authorized, water sports will be permitted, and agrotourism may be promoted has begun. “Our approach is sustainable development. We must provide the communities in the vicinity of Vjosa with the chance to profit from agrotourism and ecotourism “said the Environment and Tourism Minister.

Kumbaro replied, when asked how this national park will be protected, “It is the responsibility of the National Administration for Protected Areas to preserve it. I do not hide the fact that the capacities we have discovered there are insufficient in comparison to the expansion of the protected territory. The management plan includes the establishment of a new regional directorate for Vjosa. This imposes additional expense, but it aligns with the significance we place on Vjosa.”