The Council of Stabilization and Association in Tirana, Gjipali reveals the main messages

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On A2CNN’s “Debate” show,  Gledis Gjipali, executive director of the European Movement in Albania, offered an analysis of the first meeting of the Stabilization and Association Agreement which took place on Thursday in Tirana and was attended by the highest-ranking European Union officials.

According to Gjipali, the most important signals from this summit were the concerns over tax amnesty and golden passports, as well as the alignment of Albania’s foreign policy with the European Union.

“The issues discussed are a continuation, there are no new issues under discussion. All points have been highlighted and incorporated in the final Albania report. Golden passports, which are problematic and pose a risk for money laundering and tax evasion, are an example of a contentious issue that requires special consideration. Politically, it is significant that this meeting took place in Tirana. The alignment of the Albanian government’s foreign security strategy is an issue that is valued and a signal to nations that do not adhere to this policy “said Gjipali on A2 CNN.