Meeting of the Stabilization and Association Council, advisor to the Prime Minister: Reforms were evaluated

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The Stabilization and Association Council meeting between the EU and Albania was held for the first time outside of Brussels today in Tirana. Also present were two senior European Union officials, EU head diplomat Josep Borrell and European Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi. At the press conference, Rama declared the suspension of golden passports, a project opposed by Brussels, although the Albanian Prime Minister stated that Fiscal Amnesty and medical cannabis legalization will continue.

Odeta Barbullushi, Counselor to the Prime Minister, stated that the most significant outcome of the meeting was the review of the changes implemented by Albania. She made these comments on A2CNN’s “Debate” show.

“The fact that the meeting was hosted in Tirana shows the importance that the European Union places on the region, candidate nations, and the integration process. Today’s political messaging emphasize the significance of the current moment in speeding the legislative evaluation process. It is essential to capitalize on this opportunity.

I believe the most crucial aspect was the mutual judgment of Albania’s changes. Now we are discussing the progress made on the key reforms that comprise the chapters that will be opened at the beginning of the process and closed at its conclusion “Advisor to the Prime Minister Barbullushi stated.