Investigations on McGonigal, Berisha sees the process data as a downfall for Rama

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Sali Berisha recalled the McGonigal case and the inquiries into it in the United States. According to him, the data generated by the procedure will result in the downfall of the majority leader.

“You may have heard that McGonigal is the mediator between Edi Rama and Gazprom for the three oil fields. You may have heard that Edi Rama and McGonigal combined their shares. This assertion is made by the former president of the Albanian-American Chamber of Commerce, who was present during the aforementioned time period. How US oil fields were seized from American companies and transferred to Russian companies.

Every day, new evidence comes that definitively sinks Edi Rama, and I declare my absolute conviction that McGonigal’s demise is certain “Berisha remarked.