“Gratitude for the support,” Rama to the EU: Albania deserves all that you have given it

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During a press conference with the head of EU Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, and the Commissioner for Enlargement, Oliver Varhelyi, Prime Minister Edi Rama praised the two EU officials for their support of Albania’s path to EU membership.

Rama stressed that Albania is no longer the last country on the “integration train” and is now the regional leader.

“We are grateful for the assistance you have provided us through a time-sensitive and incredibly challenging procedure. It was u njust to Albania because of political conditions that have previously been resolved. You have showed us respect, commitment, and an unshakable desire to assist us on this now-open, righteous, and tough path. We have full agreement on all aspects of this strategic relationship.”

As one of Albania’s accomplishments in completing the requirements for EU membership, the prime minister cited the progress of the judiciary reform. According to Rama, the new justice system has begun to produce substantial results.

“It is a fact that justice in Albania, the new institutions, are now punishing people, individuals connected to power or not. Yet these first ones are more significant than any others in the history of this nation. The only country in the region to take this action is Albania. I am not aware of any other nation where justice is administered without regard to the left or right, but straight ahead “highlighted Rama

Also, the prime minister reiterated the stance that when they have dealings with justice, they must find a lawyer and defend themselves. Whoever it may be, if they have dealings with justice, they must get a lawyer.

Moreover, Rama urged the EU to provide financial assistance to the Western Balkans so they can meet the difficulties of the time.

“It is time for the EU to take a significant step forward…In financial terms, the Balkans cannot cope with all these blows from the time we are living in.”