DEA in Tirana, Minister of Interior provides details in Parliament

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Today in Parliament, the Minister of the Interior, Bledi Cuci, clarified the presence of the DEA in Albania. In response to the deputies’ curiosity, he stated that it is not an office, but a permanent individual.

“First, it is not an office, but rather a person who is permanently based in Tirana and nominated by the DEA. We have been collaborating with the DEA through its Athens office till recently. As a result of the intensification of our cooperation with this office over the past two years and the need for synchronized cooperation between the DEA and the State Police, it was agreed that a resident of Albania who would collaborate with the State Police and SPAK would be appointed “the Minister of the Interior revealed.

Minister Cuci noted that the number made available by this agency is completely coordinated with the State Police and SPAK.

“As for the number, it is fully coordinated with the State Police and SPAK because the State Police and SPAK will receive the information necessary to continue an investigation. The presence of a representative is not cause for alarm, but rather an indication of cooperation at the highest level “the Minister of the Interior announced.