CAS provides the go-ahead for voter registration; Alibeaj: Let’s put aside our differences and nominate a common candidate

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Enkelejd Alibeaj called on another group within the Democratic Party to put aside their differences and unite against the majority after the Commission for Appeals and Sanctions (CAS) gave the go-ahead to register for the municipal elections on May 14.

Alibeaj noted, in response to the judgment of the Committee of Appeals and Sanctions, that the two-week delay induced by the Central Election Commission is detrimental to Albanian citizens and democratic institutions.

For approaching elections, he urged democratic candidates to unite and present a unified platform.

“The CAS ruling today confirms the legal requirement to register the Democratic Party for the May 14 municipal elections. The approximately two-week delay in this process, with Celibashi as the chief commissioner, is a loss for Albanians and democratic parties due to the old politics in constitutionally autonomous institutions. On this time, we once again invite all democratic candidates, regardless of affiliation, to unite and run alongside a Democratic Party candidate in the municipal elections. Let’s put aside our differences and do our utmost to oppose the Edi Rama government”, declared Enkelejd Allibeaj

Gazment Bardhi reacts to the CAS ruling: Celibashi is “persona non grata” for the DP!

Gazment Bardhi responded to the CAS decision, which partially allowed Alibeaj’s registration request for the 14 May elections and denied Berisha’s DP’s request.

Bardhi declared that Celibashi, the head of Central Electoral Commission, is “persona non grata” for the DP and that he has no faith in the unbiased, professional, and lawful government of the 14 May elections.

“When political games violate the law, they do not continue long. Ilirjan Celibashi is a “persona non grata” for the DP and has no faith in the fair, professional, and lawful government of the 14 May elections. In violation of the law, the 10-day postponement has severely hampered the polls! “, Bardhi stated.