Will the DP be on the ballot paper? Kume anticipates a solution from Complaints and Appeals Commission

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Kristaq Kume, the former head of the Central Election Commission, examined the recent decision of the Central Election Commissioner, Ilirjan Celibashi, who chose not to register any of the Democratic Party (DP) groups in the May 14th elections due to inadequacies in their documentation.

Kume expects that, after studying Celibashi’s ruling, the Complaints and Sanctions Commission (CAS) will take another approach to this scenario, as it is made up of political members and can move towards registering Basha’s PD in these elections with the majority’s backing.

“Referring to Mr. Rama’s declaration that “they will certainly participate in the polls,” it is possible that a different decision will be reached than Celibashi. If Celibashi is on that post under the will of all political forces and his personal request, CAS members are there as a result of the will of political parties. After revisions in the conceptualization and construction of the commission, the development of CEC structures resulted in transitional measures that separate the selection of commission members based on political parties. CAS has the potential to make the DP with Lulzim Basha as the electoral subject”, Kume stated.