DP internal conflicts, Nesturi: Basha is burying his career by failing to show up at all

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Plator Nesturi, invited to “Debate” on A2CNN, commented on the present situation in the DP and the Central Election Commission’s decision today to register the PD in the May 14 local elections.

According to Nesturi, there is a serious crisis within the PD, and he went on to say that Lulzim Basha is burying his own political career by withdrawing and not turning up at all.

Mr. Nesturi, could you tell me how you read Celibashi’s decision? Celibashi had communicated his decision in advance, and there had been no extra input from PD representatives. The matter of the seal is still pending in court. There is a significant issue within the PD. Basha’s departure, by not participating in the game at all, appears to be burying his political career once and for all. It’s like tying your competence around the necks of others. These are the circumstances that are making everything absurd. I believe the attack should not be directed against Celibashi. Yet, I believe that the part of this institution that has the authority to sign and seal the most recent choices should be more accountable to its electorate and membership.