CEC ruling about the DP, Krasniqi: Political parties should apologize

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The Democratic Party was not registered by the Central Election Commissioner for the May 14 elections. In the meeting this afternoon, Alibeaj’s party did not submit additional documents with the signature of Lulzim Basha, who is listed in court as the Democratic Party’s Chairperson. As a result, Ilirjan Celibashi decided not to register Alibeaj’s party. On May 14, he also denied Berisha’s legal representatives’ attempt to register them. The Administrative Court will now hear Alibeaj’s party’s appeal of Celibashi’s decision, which it accuses of being political and significantly breaking the law.

This topic was discussed on the “Debate” program, on A2 CNN, this Tuesday. According to Afrim Krasniqi of the Institute of Political Studies, the CEC should not exclude the opposition for technical reasons because it has a duty to help address problems, and doing so harms democracy.

“It is crucial for every democratic country to hol elections in order to have a race, a functional and pluralism, choices. You cannot argue that we will not let the opposition in the election for no technical reason or defect because the entire system will collapse. Why should the CEC exist if the opposition does not participate in the election? If the opposition does not register, the entire structure of commissioners and other electoral structures collapses. That is not the CEC’s fault, but this organization has a responsibility to help solve problems rather than disrupt elections. The scenario would have been very different if they had a more stoic attitude toward the law. Consider what would happen if the College changes its mind tomorrow. The question is, who will resign? Will anyone accept public accountability? It makes a mockery of democracy and elections to some extent “Krasniqi explained.

Meanwhile, he stated that political groups in the DP should have apologized for not being able to find a solution and register.

“Whatever Celibashi or the College does is unprecedented in terms of how politicians who want to govern Albania and bring the country into the EU are unable to communicate with one another or create adequate documents to show themselves in an electoral fight. Instead of apologizing to their supporters and reflecting, they play the role of a political commissioner and condemn something they previously accepted “Krasniqi explained.