Berisha presents Zef Hila in Vau i Dejes: May 14th, elections for every Albanian to say “no” to thievery

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Sali Berisha presented Zef Hila as the DP candidate for the Vau I Dejes Municipality in the May 14th local elections, indicating that he will give up his parliamentary mandate to bring back the municipality to its citizens, according to Berisha.

“I have the distinct honor and pleasure of introducing to you the next mayor of Vau i Dejes, the municipality’s top citizen, and one of the most capable and brilliant local leaders that DP has ever had. Your advocate, the one who defends your interests in parliament, is one of its most active MPs, tireless and unstoppable.

I’ve worked with Zef Hila for decades, and I can assure you that he has always been and continues to be a leader, manager, and successful and efficient individual. Above all, Zef Hila is the one who cares about you, the one who gives efforts for you. A person who considers himself to be one of you and is eternally grateful to you.

In this context, I am confident that the surrender of his parliamentaryseat to come, stay, and collaborate with you every day, every week, to return the municipality of Vau I Dejes to your first home is an act that every one of you and the residents of this municipality appreciates and deserves great appreciation.”

He went on to explain that the May 14th elections are for every Albanian to vote “no” against theft.