“Basha didn’t enter elections when he had all the DP, let alone now.” Ndoka: They will be completely defeated

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Nard Ndoka, the leader of the Christian Democratic Party, believes Enkelejd Alibeaj does not want to run in the May 14 elections. “They boycotted the municipal elections even though they had the ballot, the party emblem, and public support,” he stated on A2 CNN’s diary. “Basha made a quick decision, altering his path. Basha was hit at that very moment.”

Basha, he claims, made these judgments under the threat of violence and blackmail brought by Rama and the international factor, which  Rama hired to blackmail Mr. Basha. We had no idea that Basha was being kept hostage for Russian funds at the time, but Rama did. We had no idea Rama had paid a high-ranking US official; we hypothesized and had our concerns, but the story is now apparent “He stated.

“It is not in their best interests to register since they will lose. I’d like them to sign up because the vote will determine. The vote is not determined by the opposition, Edi Rama, or the international factor. While the political retribution has already occurred, another punishment on May 14 would be their moral annihilation.”