Ochrid meeting ready for signatures, Kurti: Hope that Vucic brings no claims about EU plan

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He will arrive in Ohrid with a pen in his pocket, just like he did during the Brussels summit, and be prepared to sign the European proposal. Albin Kurti, the prime minister of Kosovo, expressed hope for the improvement of ties with the country’s northern neighbor but noted that Aleksandar Vucic is to blame for the impasse that now exists.

“I declared my willingness to sign the fundamental agreement on behalf of the Republic of Kosovo during the trilateral summit in Brussels. Aleksandar Vucic, the president of Serbia, regrettably declined. After the meeting, he made this denial known to the public. We shall reunite in Ohrid, North Macedonia, the following week. I’m hoping that Serbia’s unwillingness to sign the plan in Brussels doesn’t mean they reject the ideas contained in it “Kurti stated.

Speaking at the 11th Mannheim Forum, Kurti underlined that he thinks the basic accord between Kosovo and Serbia is a step in the direction of mutual recognition. Serbia does, however, require that municipalities in Kosovo with a majority of Serbs create an association before it will accept the European idea.

“I will go to Ohrid and tell them the same thing I’m telling you here. Someone needs to explain this to me since I don’t understand why I was invited to a wedding where the bride and groom aren’t present. It doesn’t make sense. What worries me is that I see everyone is silent and no one will react. Perhaps we Serbs will do something wrong again “Vucic stated.

The Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic also discussed the European plan for the establishment of diplomatic ties between Pristina and Belgrade, claiming that the text would not change even if sanctions were placed on Russia.