Cafe owned by man with criminal record attacked by gunmen, one dead, five injured

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Tirana was shocked on Sunday night by a very serious crime, in which a woman was killed by gunfire, while 5 others were injured.

In contrast to earlier criminal acts, the aggressors this time were ruthless, firing indiscriminately into the cafe where several individuals were present. Mimoza Paja, a 50-year-old employee of the cafe, was killed by the gunfire, and five other individuals, including 50-year-old S. M., 42-year-old A. M., 47-year-old E. S., 45-year-old E. B., and 55-year-old G. Sh., who is receiving medical attention, were also wounded. Glass fragments also hurt the hand of a 10-year-old girl.

The police have confirmed that Fatjon Murati, a person with a criminal history, is the owner of the property where the serious incident occurred. He was detained in October of last year after being investigated for possessing a collection of firearms that had been taken by the police on July 13.

Sahit Murati, Fatjon Murati’s uncle, also with a history of criminal activity, is among the wounded. According to early reports, he may have also been the target of this terrible gun attack.

A special investigative team has been formed to look into this crime, and under the Prosecutor’s Office’s supervision, intense work is still being done to determine the specifics of what happened, collect evidence that will help to shed light on it, and identify and apprehend those responsible.

Checkpoints have been established in the meantime in collaboration with the local police directorates of Durres, Elbasan, Lezhe, and Diber.

Police officers are still conducting checks in all areas where it is thought that the criminals may have relocated or may be hiding.

Fatjon Murataj was thought to have been a part in the July 17 triple murder in Fushe-Kruje. The assault claimed the lives of Brilant Martinaj, Ervis Martinaj’s cousin, Diklen Vata, and Besmir Hoxha.

Gentian Reçi, the son of the late police officer Xhelal Reçi, Indrit Dokle, who is linked to the deceased police officer through their godparents, and Ramazan Rraja were among the people the Kurbin Prosecutor’s Office was investigating about that event.

After Indrit Dokle was released from jail in January 2020, Ervis Martinaj testified that he had given a quantity of money—roughly 500,000 euros—to have him put to death. Nuredin Dumani, a penitent witness, confirmed this.