May 14, Biberaj: All opposition parties will support DP candidates, including the Alibeaj group

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The Democratic Party will run a single candidate for mayor in the major cities. This is the prognosis of Aleksandr Biberaj, a member of the Democratic Party’s National Council who was invited to “Debate” on Wednesday night.

When asked if he believes the Alibeaj group will withdraw in these cases, Biberaj stressed that the Alibeaj group does not have candidates for these municipalities.

“All opposition parties, including the Alibeaj group, will back the Democratic Party’s candidates. I will continue to think and hope to the end. There is also opportunity for municipal guidance. The main race is to overthrow the octopus heads that have taken control of the country’s governance. By rallying everyone behind a mayor candidate. I believe we will only have one candidate in the major municipalities.”

Citing Tirana as an example, he highlighted that no one will accept to run for mayor of Tirana while there is a contender like Belind Kelliçi who emerged from the Primaries.

“You must have a candidate in front of him who can do the work of Erion Veliaj. I predict that we will have a candidate on May 14th, and I hope that this prediction comes true for me.”