“Save the children” report, 1 in 5 children in Albania lives in poverty

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Last year, over 22% of Albanian children were poor or socially excluded. According to a research published by an international group called “Save the Children,” the epidemic, as well as other climate and geopolitical trends, are jeopardizing the future of children, particularly in developing nations.

“It has been shown that at least 100 to 150 thousand children in Albania live below the basic poverty threshold. Some families live on 1 to 2500 lek per day, money that has to be used for both parents and up to three or four children “Altin Hazizaj of the Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights explains.

The research expresses concern that children in rural areas face barriers to education, while people with disabilities and members of the Roma population continue to face difficulties to services.

Poverty is also a cause for criminal activities against children.

“I believe that in the short and long run, undesirable phenomena such as violence or crimes against children would not only remain but will become more evident.”

According to a Save the Children research, the number of children living in poverty in Europe has risen to about 20 million, with Spain and Romania being the two most troublesome nations.