Italian military ship transporting military vehicles to Kosovo anchors in Durres, Russian fleet maneuvre near Albania

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Today, the Italian Navy ship “San Marco” docked in the port of Durres. The 136-meter-long and 26-meter-wide logistic cruiser can transport at least 350 personnel and aircraft, primarily helicopters.

The ship is a member of the San Giorgio class, which consists of three ships — “San Giorgio,” “San Marco,” and “San Giusto” — that are equipped to deploy fighter aircraft.

The ship was transporting a number of KFOR military vehicles to Kosovo.

Russian ships are near Albania, according to Italian media; Putin’s fleet is doing drills and aircraft are in the sky.

The conflict between Russia and Western nations is not confined to the battlefield in Ukraine; it is also evident in the Mediterranean Sea.

Analysts have been closely monitoring the increasingly frequent and aggressive maneuvers of Russian ships in the Mediterranean for months, but the situation has recently become so serious that Italy has deployed P-72 aircraft to monitor the situation from above.

A few kilometers off our coastlines, between Calabria and Corfu, are two ships from Moscow. The Kola ship came from the Atlantic Ocean, while the corvette missile launcher ship was stationed at the Russian base in Tartous, Syria.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that analysts believe the ships are likely closely following the US aircraft carrier John Bush, which is now in the seas of the Adriatic between the beaches of Puglia, Italy and Albania.

A little further south, near Sicily, two additional Moscow ships have been circling for weeks, one of which is the Admiral Kasatanov aircraft carrier, one of the most advanced vessels in the Russian fleet.

A similar instance occurred a few months ago in the vicinity of the TAP gas pipeline, which runs through our country and bypasses Russia.

This is a strong signal from Russia that the Mediterranean waters may no longer be as tranquil as usual.