“Babale” court session postponed again, Salianji explains why he wants judge removed

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The Democratic Party MP, Ervin Salianji, issued a statement to the media immediately following the conclusion of today’s session at the Court of Appeals for the “Babale” case, in which he explained why he wants the rapporteur judge, Edlira Petri, to be removed.

The session has been postponed eleven times, according to Salianji, but not because of him or his legal representatives. He mentioned a conflict of interest because her husband, Sokol Sadushi, is acquainted with and has family relations with former minister Fatmir Xhafaj.

“Today, it is not our fault that this matter has been postponed by the court for so long. I requested it today because of the impartiality of the rapporteur judge.

“The judge left no trace on it and moved the file just a few days before this file was reviewed.

“Third, the judge’s husband, Sokol Sadushi, is reported to have a family friendship with Fatmir Xhafa.

“For these and other procedural reasons, we sought the removal of the judge, who, knowing the facts, should not have taken on the case at all.

“I was elected by the people to protect the public interest.”

Meanwhile, in response to Salianji’s request for the removal of the rapporteur judge, the panel agreed to postpone the session to allow another body to weigh in on the motion.