Alibeaj opens DP doors to members who were selected after the Primaries

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“We end it here, let’s forget it.” Enkeljd Alibeaj extended the hand of reconciliation within the Democratic Party in order to achieve what he termed as “the only method to overthrow the government.”

During a meeting with the structures of the Democratic Party in branch 12 in Tirana, Alibeaj announced his willingness to put candidates from the “Refoundation” group primaries (led by Sali Berisha) on the lists of the group he leads, which are being prepared for the 14 May elections.

Yesterday, following meetings of the Leadership, the Parliamentary Group, and the College of Chairmen, it was decided to appoint Gazment Bardhi, Merita Bakiu, and Flamur Hoxh to negotiate with the Refoundation group on the topic of establishing a common language for a Democratic Party candidate.