Albanian President at joint press release with NATO Secretary General: Russia, a threat for the region’s stability

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During a joint press conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg from NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, Albanian President Bajram Begaj lauded the Alliance’s cooperation in all common problems concerning defense and the maintenance of regional and global security.

Albania, according to Begaj, stands with Ukraine and supports it in all areas, while criticizing Russia for attempting to disturb regional stability and peace.

“We have witnessed a conventional war. NATO has showed cohesion and response strength in defending the Alliance’s whole territory. The Alliance’s growth is a must, and the addition of Sweden and Finland is both welcome and necessary.

Albania stands by and will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine in all directions for as long as it is required. Russia directly threatens NATO and the Western Balkans. Its purpose is to destabilize the peace and stability of the region’s countries.

Albania welcomes and supports the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue. The European strategy for normalizing relations is a step in the right direction. I applaud NATO’s involvement in the region, as well as KFOR’s presence in Kosovo. We face enormous difficulties that necessitate daring judgments. Albania also acknowledges the threat from Iran. We recall cyber attacks on Albanian government networks “, President Bajram Begaj remarked in his speech.