Albanian graduates work in call centers before becoming teachers, while in Switzerland they’re paid 15,000 fancs a month

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Elona Demiri is celebrating her first March 7th. The 28-year-old Elbasan native is the youngest teacher at Tirana’s “Vaçe Zela” school.

Unlike her peers who continue to work in call centers, she has managed to attend education, which she describes as her early passion. A new teacher’s salary in the profession does not exceed 55 thousand lek per month, which is significantly less than what Elona’s friends earn in call centers.

The young English teacher desires for this career to be valued in more ways than one. Branches of study in universities in Albania are under threat of closure. Young people no longer desire to work in this field for a variety of reasons, including a lack of financial reward.

Afrodita Hay in Switzerland, unlike Elona in Tirana, does not commemorate March 7th. Nonetheless, the Albanian German teacher tells us how well regarded her profession is in the country where she has lived and worked for over 14 years. In Albania, the daughter of two teacher parents tells us that she is disappointed that even after years of hard work, her parents’ pension is very low. When we ask her about her son’s future plans, she says he should teach, but not in Albania.

Although parents who live in Albania, particularly those who are teachers, try to show their children various prospective vocations.

“It is a highly appreciated and respected job that pays well. This is one of the top paid professions in Switzerland, with salaries ranging from 6,500 francs in elementary school to 15,000 francs in high school.”

Nonetheless, happy March 7th, dear instructors, to those who continue to love and follow our cause!