Albanian doctors and nurses in Germany, Scholz: We are preparing legislation for labor migration not only from the EU

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The exodus of Albanian doctors and nurses to Germany was discussed by Prime Minister Edi Rama and Chancellor Olaf Scholz during their meeting in Berlin. The leader of the Albanian government stated during the news conference that they have discussed methods to create solutions so that Albania is not a direct financier of the German healthcare system. The German Chancellor, for his part, underlined his country’s responsibility for the labor-force shortage and stated that efforts were being made in this regard.

“We talked about it, and we can’t ask Germany, or any other EU nation, or Britain, to prohibit the free movement of human capital and individuals from Albania who want to prove themselves in their profession in the markets of Germany and other countries. We discussed ways and processes to create solutions so that Albania is not a direct financier of the German healthcare system, and I informed him that our students pay 1-16 of the cost, with the government covering the rest. Not only Germany, but all countries, require a skilled workforce. It is critical to find a European solution to balance what Albania and other regional nations lose during this critical time in which they wish to join the EU and improve the quality of services and life in their countries.”

Scholz stated that Germany is considering legislation allowing worker migration from nations other than the EU.

“Citizens now have the flexibility to travel not only as tourists but also to work anywhere they wish. That used to be a major and difficult challenge, but not anymore. Numerous obstacles are associated with this freedom, and our country feels responsible for ensuring that the need for jobs is met not only by EU countries, but also by countries outside the EU. We are working on laws to allow qualified workers to migrate, which will open up the market and make the situation in Europe more bearable.”