Albania to continue initiatives with China, Rama: We have left behind a regime that did not cooperate with anyone, we did not see any benefit from it

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Albania, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama, does not want to withdraw from its joint economic projects with China, despite the fact that it has not benefited from them.

“It is true that we are part of the 17+1 format and we have no intention of leaving. Even though, for the sake of truth, Albania has not benefited from even a single investment. For historical and psychological reasons, our cooperation is completely normal and compared to other countries, completely irrelevant,” Rama said at a joint conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin.

“But I disagree with the notion that we should leave the forum to take a stand for any reason. I believe that in today’s environment, communication is essential with everyone, regardless of whether we have completely opposed opinions. I believe that democratic countries should lead by example, because we in Albania lived over half a century with a regime that refused to communicate with anyone and took stances against the entire world, and we saw no benefit from this lack of contact. As a result, I believe that communication should always be present with everyone “He went on to say.