“Albania committed to NATO”, Stoltenberg: In Kosovo we work in parallel with the EU. Historical chance for compromise

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“It’s a pleasure to have a President of Albania who knows NATO so well.” This is how NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg began his statement at the joint press conference, mentioning our country’s contributions to the Euro-Atlantic alliance throughout its history.

“You help prevent possible aggression in Latvia and Bulgaria, and you serve in Kosovo and Iraq. Your country reacted quickly to Turkey’s terrible earthquake. Albania plays a vital role in regional stability, which is strategically crucial for NATO. I congratulate Albania on ratifying Finland and Sweden’s ratification protocols. All of this shows Albania’s dedication to NATO.”

Stoltenberg again underscored NATO’s assistance for Albania, especially given the threat of cyber attacks.

“NATO is also involved in Albania. NATO experts responded quickly to cyber attacks. We discussed about Ukraine. We discussed about the Western Balkans, the KFOR operation, and the Sarajevo and Belgrade offices. We discussed expanding support for Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as progress in the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue. We anticipate that positive advances will continue.”

He stated that NATO will assist in facilitating the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue and reaffirmed NATO’s presence in Kosovo. Stoltenberg urged both parties to reach an agreement.

“KFOR is playing a substantial role, partners are dedicated to contributing to Kosovo, NATO has a significant presence in Kosovo, and we work alongside the EU in Kosovo. NATO will continue to encourage the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade because we believe it is the only way to find a solution in Kosovo. We have a historic chance to benefit the entire region, and we welcome a collaborative approach. The parties must show a willingness to compromise.”