Xhaferaj: Gjiknuri became General Secretary of the Socialist Party due to connections to the McGonigal issue

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“The McGonigal case may have played a role in Damian Gjiknuri’s promotion to General Secretary of the Socialist Party.”  This is how Democratic Party MP Ferdinand Xhaferaj described himself after being invited to “Debate” on A2 CNN on Wednesday evening.

In response to the statements made by the head of the Socialist Parliamentary Group the day before, Xhaferaj stated that Taulant Balla is a victim in this case.

This is because, according to him, he was demoted to make way for Gjiknuri, who “was involved in the scandal,” the MP said.

“The ultimate victim of the McGonigal scandal may be Taulant Balla. Rama is the last one. Gjiknuri, I believe the scandal is at the root of his promotion to General Secretary. Balla was a victim…”

According to Xhaferaj, the former FBI officer visited Albania between August and November 2017 to lobby “for oil companies in the interests of Duçka and the former security agent.”

“What is known is that Gjiknuri issued an order in February, announced the tender, and then issued a second order in May, forcing Albpetrol to contract with the Transoil group…”

The Democratic Party MP, however, admitted that even Sali Berisha is not “so clean in this matter.”