Where can a citizen invest? Sotiraq Dhamo recommends fields with more opportunities

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Economic expert Sotiraq Dhamo was asked by Aurora Sulçe on A2 Business where a citizen with low or medium income can invest today.

Following a list of potential industries, Dhamo remarked that the IT services sector is a very attractive investment opportunity that can be sold both within and outside the country.

“For a low-income citizen, it’s a million-dollar question. People can make investments in non-perishable assets that have undergone development. They can buy a house and rent it out, or they can act as an intermediary. Young people can invest in information technology and cybersecurity. Hacking has demonstrated the importance of Technology. Despite the challenges, I encourage establishing a business. A company that can sell its products both domestically and globally. Technology services are available everywhere. Albanian fiscal consultancy services can also be marketed abroad. If we start an agricultural firm, it should be one with a closed loop “Dhamo stated.